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The oil bath air cleaner was disassembled, and modified to accept a paper filter element. A huge "mouse condo" was found inside... How did they get into the interior without passing through the oil? They came in through the exhaust pipe! What a journey!
The finished air filter assembly is test fitted before final paint.
November 26th 2004
First week of Febuary 2005. She is back from the paint shop. At this point, patience was necessary. The car was left alone for two weeks for the paint to cure. The paint is RM Diamont basecoat, clear coat urethane. The white area on the roof and trunk were the original factory laquer and in remarkable condition. The decision was made not to repaint these areas.
Final preparation and paint by Main Street Body Shop in Fowler Indiana. The "Crown Saphire" paint was precisely color matched by Auto Body Supply in Lafayette Indiana.
February 13th 2005. She is moved into the assembly area.
February 13th 2005. She is starting to look like a car.
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