Fabulous Four Doors

January, 27, 2007.

As the values of two door hardtops and convertibles continue to soar, the four door sedans, hardtops, and wagons have gained in popularity. The reasons are many for this phenomenon. Most believe that the primary reasons are the retiring baby-boomers with their 401K type money, and empty nesters buying back their youth. With the recent problems with large corporate bankruptcies and accounting fraud, many investors are turning to investments that they control directly. Investments that can be touched, felt, and enjoyed. Not just money on a report, or stashed in a mutual fund. These and many other reasons drive these increases in value. There is no question, at this time, a rare and desirable vintage auto is a good investment. Resulting in the astronomical prices these collector cars are bringing at televised auctions and on-line. With most muscle-cars, two door hardtop, and convertible models now in the hands of serious investment collectors, they have increased in value to a point that most are almost too valuable to drive.

Because of this increase in value and collector car hysteria sweeping the nation, many main-stream vintage auto enthusiasts have been pushed out of the hobby. In response, many of these enthusiasts have turned to the fast growing collector segment of antique autos with four doors. (Oddly, the European market for antique American automobiles seems not as affected by the need for two door and convertible models. Collectors in the Netherlands, Nordic, and Western European countries are buying-up four door and wagon models and exporting them to their home countries. A growing number of Enthusiasts in Australia and New Zealand are also buying and exporting vintage four door autos from the USA.)

Simple common sense and sales numbers tell us that actually these types of cars were much more common than the two door models so sought after by the collectors. A fine example of a wagon or sedan is a unique car-show item and represents the real cars of yesteryear. Many persons have memories of the wagon or the sedan they rode in as a child. The one grandma had, or that mom drove when she took the kids to school, or the car that the family used when they crossed the continent on summer vacation. As millions of these autos were produced, they exist today in far greater numbers, spare parts are more readily available and they can be driven and enjoyed. Fortunately, many fine examples of vintage American sedans and wagons continue to be found and can be purchased for reasonable prices. However, we have seen in the past few years, that sedans and wagons in good condition are rapidly increasing in value. (For example, 1959 and 1960 Impala four door hardtop and wagons are now fetching prices well above $10,000.00 U.S. Dollars. Just two or three years ago, these cars were selling for $5,000.00 to $7,000.00.)

As a tribute to this growing collector car niche, I dedicate this new page to the fabulous four doors.

Enjoy and best regards to fellow four-door admirers, Jim

NOTE: If you would like to have your four door or wagon placed on this page, please contact Jim via email and include a photo of your car. This website is not for profit and fellow enthusiasts are invited to exhibit their autos at this location.


Mike in Indiana has this 1957 Buick Roadmaster 75

This 4-door hardtop is an incredibly rare autmobile and it is in exqusite condition. It has been in his family for a very long time and he takes very good care of it.

Seen at the annual Grissom AFB "warbirds cruise-in" August 4th 2012.

See Mike's cool "Car show" web site

1957 Buick Roadmaster 75 four door hardtop
Bob's 1959 Impala 4S in Aspen Green

Bob in Ontario Canada has this sweet original paint "Aspen Green" '59 Impala sedan.

This one is very much like Jim's car.

Bob says; "It was built on December 18,1958 at GM's Oshawa Ontario Car Plant, and was sold by a downtown Toronto Ontario Chevrolet/Oldsmobile dealer, it's equipped with a 235 c.i. 6 cylinder engine with automatic transmission, radio and heater. Everything works fine and I drive it regularly in the summer months to cruise nights and car shows. - Additional image click here

Wally owns this nice 1959 Chevrolet Belair sedan.

April 27th 2011

1959 Chevrolet Belair

Tim and Lisa Duggan of Indiana own this 1971 Buick Skylark. Tim's Grandparents purchased this car new.

Photo from Newport Hill Climb auto show,

October 3rd 2010

Kevin in Buena Park CA sent this image of his Dad's 1959 BELAIR. The car was the same color combo of Jim's '59 Impala. The photo was taken on Grandad's rural Iowa farm in 1960. The boy in the image is Kevin's older brother Larry.
1959 Belair sedan
1959 Chevrolet Belair
Mitch in Maryland has a superb 1959 Belair sedan.

Very Cool rendition of a HURST OLDS wagon

Crawfordsville Indiana Strawberry Festival, June 14 2009

1955 Oldsmobile Super 88

Crawfordsville Indiana Strawberrry Festival, June 14 2009

David Cate from Georgia has this nice 1960 Impala.

He restored this solid Tennessee car himself.

Just like Jim's '59, it is a six cylinder with "three on the tree".

Nice job David

Very cool Chevy II

With a six cylinder automatic

Rochester Indiana, 11 October 2008

A 1961 BelAir

Another fabulous four door

Newport Hill Climb, 04 October 2008

1942 Plymouth

Built right before automobile production was canceled to assist the war effort, this type of auto is commonly known as a "blackout car". As copper, chromium and all other alloys and metals were vital for war production, using them to decorate an automobile was not permitted. Consequently, these autos had painted bumpers and moldings made of mild steel alloy. In addition, it was thought that they would be less reflective at night during potential air raids. This auto has been featured in magazines and is a fine example of this extremely rare period in USA automobile production.

Newport Hill Climb, 04 October 2008

A spiffy 1956 BelAir sedan

Newport Hill Climb, 04 October 2008

"Helge" in Sweden owns this '59 Olds

Ninety Eight flat top

"Bo" in Sweden has this 1963 Cadillac "six window"
Jim spotted this fabulous 1965 Buick Electra four door hardtop at the Rensselaer Indiana auto show on July 5th 2008. Showing 58,000 actual miles.

Steve Holt from Urbana Illinois owns this 90% original paint exquisite 1950 Buick SUPER. The car is powered by a "Straight Eight" engine and is a garaged rust-free example originally from Washington state.

Additional image click here

Additional image click here

Additional image click here

Jim spotted this '57 BELAIR four door hardtop at the Crawfordsville Indiana "strawberry Festival" on June 15th 2008. WOW!
This fabulous Canadian built 1957 BELAIR belongs to Mr. and Mrs. G. Desforges in Ottawa Ontario. It is powered by a Blue Flame six cylinder with automatic transmission and has only 60,000 original miles!

This spiffy 1960 Chevrolet Impala flat-top belongs to

Chuck and Mary from Toledo Iowa.

See this same car, rear view with Continental kit

October 2007, Fox Ridge Illinois fun-run.

Tim Parker of Effingham Illinois owns this fabulous

30,000 actual mile 100% correct 1963 Bel Air sedan.

283 V8, w/powerglide, and AM radio.

It even has like-new bias ply tires

2007 Newport Indiana antique auto hill climb and auto show..

Yes, I know it is a ford! But hey! This one was sweet.... And it is a four door after all.....

NOTE: Newport photos are often difficult. Tree lined streets in this little town with light bursts through the trees. My apologies for photo quality from this event.

1959 Bel Air sedan

Original color car located only 35 miles from Jim.

Six-cylinder, three-speed.

additional photo click here

additional photo click here

Jim's 4 door 1959 Chevrolet Impala

Included within are detailed photographs of Jim's recent restoration of a 1959 Chevrolet Impala. What was lost now has found itself a trophy winning show car.

View photographs of Jim's 1959 El Caminos.

See the link to the many cars that Jim has restored in the past, and his familiy's collection of vintage automobiles Jim's Projects Past and Present

May 2007. Jim essentially Inherits the 1969 Belair

It belonged to Jim's grandfather's cousin since new! WOW! 56,000 actual miles. Garaged it's entire life! 327 235 HP, Powerglide automatic, factory A/C, P/S, AM radio. A tiny amount of rust, and 90% original paint! Seat covers since new. This one is a real cream puff and drives perfect!


Raub Indiana auto show. May the 6th 2007

Wayne in Kankakee Illinois owns this beautiful 1971 Impala hartop.

57,000 actual miles. 350/350 AC/AM/FM PS/PB. Blue cloth interior. This car is almost perfect!

Click on photo to enlarge.

Additional image click here.

Additional image click here.

Additional image click here.

2007 Newport Indiana antique auto hill climb and auto show.

John in Lafayette Indiana owns this beautiful 1972 Caprice hardtop. 61,000 actual miles. 350/350 AC/AM/FM PS/PB. Black cloth interior. This car is another always garaged original-paint creampuff!

Click on photo to enlarge.

John in Australia owns this beautiful 1960 BelAir with Right Hand Drive. Built at the Chevrolet assembly plant in Australia.

Rensselaer Indiana auto show. July 2006.

A nice 58 BelAir from Illinois.


Click on photo to enlarge.

Click here for an additional image of this auto

This 1959 "flat top" Impala four door hardtop belongs to a hobbiest in the western USA. It is original paint. A fine example of a high optioned four door hardtop.

Click here for an additional image of this auto

Newport Indiana Hill Climb auto show. October 1 2006

Sweet 1953 BELAIR Original low mile survivor with exquisite original interior, show chrome, and a very high quality repaint. A superb example of a four door sedan. Documents on this car to day one including a photo of the original lady owner shown with the car when it was almost new.

Ken Havlin, Lizton Indiana

Click on photo to enlarge.

This 1959 Belair belongs to Serkan in Istanbul Turkey
A Grand National champion 1959 BelAir