The Ultimus

This custom originally named "ULTIMUS" has been around since the 1960s. Jim took this photo at the Car Craft Street Machine Nationals in Indianapolis in 1979.

CLICK here for another view in this paint configuration

This is a postcard of the same car from the early 1960s. Jim aquired this post card in the late 1960s.

The back of the card reads:

"ULTIMUS" 1959 Chevy ElCamino, Gold Metalflake paint, gold and white Naugahyde interior, hand built bucket seats, TV set, tape recorder, twin bubble top and blown engine. OWNER: Tom Holden from Detroit Michigan.

April 2006 A special thank you to Rick Shea for sharing photos of this radical custom. The following are actual photos and notes taken on June 19, 1965 by then 18 year old Rick Shea.

"The notes I made at the time (1965). I was 18. As I recall Mr. Holden had recently finished the car and it sat in his
driveway in all it's shining glory that fine sunny day."

The "Ultimus" Car, 1965 or 1975? This little honey
is owned by Tom HOLDEN,It cost him $4,000 to build. He has turned down offers of up to $25,000 for it.

Mr. HOLDEN designed, built, owns and operates this car. Hard to believe it was once a 1959 Chevy pickup truck.

The Double Bubble top was made special by the Cadillac Plastics Company for $500.00.
The paint job would cost $700, but he did it himself. Notice the
unusual headrest and single piece construction of the seats.
This armrest contains a telephone, tape recorder, and miniature
bar-complete with glass, shaker, and several brands of liquor.
Hydraulically operated trunk with upholstered gas, oil, and water cans.

What a car! T.V. and steering wheel. It took Mr. HOLDEN 12 months to build it.

Circa 2005. As it looks today. Reported to be still living in Michigan.

With "photoshop" software,

the ULTIMUS is truly "Out of this world"

Thanks "Jens"

Update, September 2009

The ULTIMUS was a magazine cover car.

Many thanks to "Leon" for this image

Cars Magazine with Ultimus on cover