Rat Rods and Barn Finds


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Jim is a connoisseur of fine craftsmanship and he considers photos taken at auto shows to be within the public domain. When Jim features a specific automobile on this website, it is viewed as a compliment. A compliment to the quality of the restoration, or a combination of other unique qualities that caught Jim's eye. A compliment to the skills of it's owner-builder-restorer. If your automobile is shown on this website, and you would like additional information posted to the narrative, or for some reason you would like the image(s) removed, please contact us via the email link on this site and the changes, or photo removal will be done immediately.

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Fuel Truck with a HEMI, Lafayette Indiana July 25th 2009

Lafayette Kroozers Auto Show

Market Square, Lafayette Indiana, July 25th 2009

Crawfordsville Indiana Strawberry Festival,

14 June 2009

Rat rod, Crawfordsville Indiana 2009
John's BARN FIND 1955 Chevrolte two door sedan with six cylinder

John in Greenfield Indiana sent this photo of his "barn find" 1955 Chevy. Very solid original car.

Nice one John!

additional image click here

Rochester Indiana, October 13th 2007

This is a rod theme Jim had not previously seen.

A "RAT ROD" that resembles a dirt track oval racer circa 1950s~1960s.

This car is street legal and has a tremendous amount of unique character.

Very COOL concept!

Click on photo to enlarge.

very cool RAT ROD dirt track replica. WOW!
Classic rod with Oldsmobile engine, Rochester Indiana Chili cookoff 2007

Rochester Indiana, October 13th 2007

Nice rod!

Click here for an additonal image of the OLDS engine

Rochester Indiana, October 13th 2007

Jim doesn't know how to classify this one. A "BARN FIND" or a "RAT ROD" It had obviously been sitting for quite some time. Jim estimates that the paint is 1970s era lacquer and it is cracking and falling off in sheets. This 1956 Nomad is well on it's way back to it's former glory with an LT1 engine with 700R4, as well as suspension mods and modern wheel-tire combo.

Barn Find 1956 Chevrolet Nomad with Vortec engine and 700R4
Rat Rod truck, Rochester Indiana Chili cookoff.

Rochester Indiana, October 13th 2007

Very nice, and it looks like it could be driven coast to coast without a problem. Nice job!

NOTE: This image has been robbed from Jim's site and different cropped versions are all over the Internet forums and on numerous web sites. Jim takes this as a compliment to his photographic abilities!

2007 Newport Indiana antique auto hill climb and auto show. October 5th and 6th.

Check out the guard dog protecting this sweet street rod.

NOTE: Newport photos are often difficult. Tree lined streets in this little town with light bursts through the trees. My apologies for photo quality from this event.

additional close-up image of the guard dog

Real Steel Rat Rod with gaurd dog
Interesting photos of cars with authentic "bullet holes"..

Jim photographed this 1927 Dodge at the 2008 Paxton Illinois 4th of July festival. It is an original paint car with a large caliber bullet hole in the rear. The slug is still lodged in the rear interior woodwork.

Origional paint survivor 1927 Dodge
1927 Dodge in original paint with authentic bullet hole in right rear corner
This rat-rod is a local favorite in Mid-central Indiana. Rescued from the barn lot, it had once been used for target practice.
Bullet riddled Rat Rod VERY COOL!

"far-out man, cool daddy-o"........

The HOG JOG, Flora Indiana June 2006

Check out the bullet holes and bird shot dings!

Click here for close-up of shot pellet dings

Click on photo to enlarge.

2007 Newport Indiana antique auto hill climb and auto show. October 5th and 6th.

WOW! This car is way-cool

additional image click here

additional image click here

additional image click here

This one personifies the term "Surf rod"
Right out of the barn and ready to roll

2007 Newport Indiana antique auto hill climb and auto show..

Fresh from the Chicken Coop

2007 Newport Indiana antique auto hill climb and auto show..

This one reminds Jim of Mr. Hainey.

1960s Green Acres TV show

"Mister Douglas, have I got a deal for you!"

Just like Mr. Hainey's truck (Green Acres TV show in the 1960s)
The patina is superb. What a nice specimen.

2007 Newport Indiana antique auto hill climb and auto show..

This one personifies the term "Barn Find"

2007 Newport Indiana antique auto hill climb and auto show..

Still haulin' straw

Model A staek bed truck, survivor with fine patina
From teh Dakotas, original paint Ford Truck WOW! This one is solid!
The Rochester Indiana Chili cook-off and red-hot car show October 2005

You've just gotta love those low mile barn find original paint sweeties.

This one is originally from the Dakotas

Click on photo to enlarge.

Illiana Antique Automobile Club,

Danville Illinois Fall show 2007

This is a cool one. Complete with barn dust, straw bales, and chickens for your enjoyment!

Rear view click here

See the real live chickens close-up, click here*

*No animals were harmed at this car show

Even has some chikens in the back, barn find direct from the barn yard
Jim's barn find 1957 Chevy 210 wagon

September 2007, Jim's find.

1957 Chevy sitting in a garage for 33 years.