1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Sold, February 2016

Jim's original 41,000 actual mile 1984 Monte Carlo is documented in photos with captions on this page. Click the photos for an expanded view of each.

In the USA in the year 1984

Dell computers is founded as a company named "PC's Limited".

Entertainment: The number one movie was Beverly Hills Cop starring Eddie Murphy. Ghostbusters was also a huge box office hit. Terms of Endearment won the academy award for Best picture. Michael Jackson was at the high point of his career with the album Thriller. Van Halen released the album "1984" and the song "hot for teacher" was a huge MTV success. "Dynasty" was the number one TV show followed by "Dallas".

In the news: Vanessa Williams was the first African American to be crowned Miss America. She then resigned after questionable photos appeared in Penthouse magazine.

Politics: President Ronald Reagan was re-elected in a landslide victory with 59% of the vote.

Sports: Richard Petty wins his 200th and final career victory at the Firecracker 400 in Daytona Florida. The summer olympics are held in Los Angeles California.

USA cost of living: Gasoline was selling for about $1.20 per U.S. Gallon. The median USA household income was $22.415.00. The cost of a first class stamp was $0.20.

In the courts: The Supreme Court rules that taping television shows at home on VCRs does not violate copyright law and John Delorean is acquitted on all eight charges of possessing and distributing cocaine.

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While attending a yard sale in June of 2003, Jim spotted this Monte. He asked the nice lady a few questions about the car. One thing lead to another, and the next day, Jim was the second owner of this pristine example. The original owner special ordered this car. It has almost every available option including the high performance 305 engine with four barrel carburetor. 41,000 original miles, and has been kept in a heated garage its entire life. (66,000 km)

The lady explained that as they had purchased other cars in the past fifteen years this car was seldom driven. She explained that the reason they kept the Monte Carlo was because every time they tried to trade it on a new car, they were insulted by the ridiculously low trade-in offers. She said that they wanted to sell it to someone who could appreciate the effort they had taken to keep the car in such good condition.

The window sticker has so many options listed, there is no room remaining on the document. The sticker price was $12,539.00. An expensive automobile in 1984. The car was assembled at the Arlington Texas plant, and sold new at Hubbard Chevrolet in Monticello Indiana.

This is the last year for the turbo 350 transmission. This car has the rare "CL" luxury option group. This includes full instrumentation, deluxe sound system, the highest interior and exterior trim level, and extra sound deadening materials.

The paint is original, and is almost perfect. The car has never been in an automatic car wash, never been smoked in, has no dings, or damage of any kind. The car was rustproofed when it was new, and has never been driven in the winter, or inclement weather.

The air conditioning system has been converted to R-134 refrigerant.


Jim shows this car occasionally. Otherwise, it sleeps quietly in climate control.

As with all of his cars, Jim takes very good care of this one......


The original owners kept the window sticker, brochure, order and sales receipts, and all related service records. They also kept a date and mileage log book of every gasoline stop, and service. These records were well organized in a folder and given to Jim with the car.


This 41,000 mile survivor is now 25 years old and the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles officially classifies it as an antique automobile. It now displays a "historic motor vehicle" license plate.

Imagine a 25 year old original pristine Monte Carlo? Young people find it amazing. A typical 25 year old person, may never have seen a Monte of this vintage in this condition.

1984 Cgevrolet Monte Carlo CL